Certified Dealers

Is Your Dealership NuVinAir® Certified?

How important are first impressions to your auto dealership?
Can you afford a bad survey, overcome another objection, lose a sale due to odor, or compensate for more margin compression?

The NuVinAir®Certified Process

The vehicle is full of dirt and grime and all sorts of things you can’t see, which causes funky odor.
The vehicle is more than fresh, it’s Cyclone Certified and leaves you with clean air that makes you say “ Ahhhh. “

It’s as simple as ABC, Always Buy Certified!

Hygienic Rating Scale

Before NuVinAir® Not So Clean
After NuVinAir® Cyclone Certified

The Certified Sticker
The Apology-Free, Car-Buying Experience.

NuVinAir™ Certified Sticker
The NuVinAir®Certified program enhances the overall car-buying experience by offering an apology-free, like-new vehicle while adding revenue back to the bottom-line. Every Cyclone-treated vehicle receives a NuVinAir® Certified sticker which indicates that the vehicle has gone through our patented Cyclone process, and the previous owner’s filth and odors have been cleaned and removed. This peace of mind leads to customer satisfaction, retention, and protects damaged used cars from margin loss due to odor.
Show your customers that you care about more than just selling them a vehicle that looks showroom ready; let them know value their trust and long-term loyalty as well. NuVinAir®Certified The Only Way to Buy a Pre-Owned Vehicle.

NuVinAir® Certified Service Provider

Fixed Operations, Service Locations, Detail Venues, Car washes… All VIN Locations Benefit!

Customer Experience

  • Provides tangible evidence to the customer that their vehicle has been serviced.
  •  A TRUE turnkey solution, your customers will benefit from expedited service times.

Service Provider

  • Simple patented application process that a “C” level tech or detailer can easily apply.
  • Can be added to all automotive menu options, service contracts and detail packages. 


  • Upwards of 300% based on treatment MSRP. 
  • Contact your local NuVinAir® Certified Distributor or fill out a PQF for more information. 

Experience NuVinAir®

Welcome to the future of clean driving.