NuVinAir® Certified Distributors

Finally, an auto investment opportunity with NO FRANCHISE FEES or complex royalty structures.
We offer our NuVinAir® Certified Distributors a highly differentiated and fully supported experience.

NuVinAir® Is the future of clean driving

The Smell of Success

No royalties - More money to build your business.

No real estate - Less risk. More profit.

Semi-absentee model - Golf. Fish. Sleep. Make money.

Scalable growth - Unlimited potential.

Support - Fully developed training and support platform.

Team recruiting - Unlimited recruitment assistance.

Promotion - National communications and marketing package per territory.

Protection - Exclusive territories. Patented technology.

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Your Target VIN Locations Are Waiting

NuVinAir®’s revolutionary line of products safely eliminate virtually all odors found in vehicles. We are an ESTABLISHED brand already utilized by used-car dealerships, car washes, and other VIN Locations across the United States. As we grow, so do you. VIN locations include: Recon Facilities, Used Car Auto Dealerships, Car Washes, Service and Maintenance Companies, Leasing Companies, Car Rental Businesses, Transportation Companies, Semi-Truck Fleets, Uber and Lyft Drivers, etc. Every car on the road is your customer.

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