Our Team

Eugene Batchelder
Founding Partner
Gene guides the strategic growth of NuVinAir®’s corporate team and Distributor network. He has 40 years of executive leadership and business strategy experience, most recently serving as Chief Administrative Officer and Senior Vice President of ConocoPhillips.
Kyle Bailey
Founding Partner / CEO
Kyle directs all aspects of NuVinAir®’s strategic plan while positioning the company for international expansion and Distributor success. He possesses 20 years of leadership experience in business development, entrepreneurship, franchising, and marketing.
Alan Brown
Global Executive Vice President
Alan drives national and international business development efforts for NuVinAir®. He has nearly 30 years of leadership experience in the automotive dealership industry, including serving as Chairman of the Volkswagen National Dealer Advisory Council during the most pivotal moment in company history.
Annie Luepker
Annie controls NuVinAir®’s finance operations, including bookkeeping, reporting, and analysis. She has more than 15 years of Fortune 100 accounting experience with expertise in mergers and acquisitions, financial modeling, IT finance, and project management.
Joe Szynkowski
Chief Communications Officer
Joe leads the execution of NuVinAir®’s internal/external communications, media, and PR efforts while supporting the implementation of long-range plans related to marketing and branding. His 20-year background in copywriting and executive communications spans various industries and company sizes.
Alex Wroten
Chief Technology Officer
Alex plans and manages technology operations of NuVinAir®’s IT architecture and application development. He possesses a broad range of experience building sophisticated technology solutions for various startup and midsize companies.
Sam Villa
Vice President of Logistics, Compliance, and Product
Sam directs all facets of NuVinAir®’s product development and fulfillment operations, as well as the company’s research and development functions. Sam’s previous experience includes management of national sales forces for major pharmaceutical companies.
Dave Lustenberger
National Director of Marketing
Dave oversees the conceptualization, planning, and execution of NuVinAir®’s national marketing approach, along with creative project management in collaboration with the Distributor network. He has 20 years of award-winning marketing experience with various agencies, startups, and Fortune 500 companies.
Brendan Thomas
National Director of Operations
Brendan oversees Distributor accountability in the field while spearheading NuVinAir®’s Certified Training program. He developed the NuVinAir® Support Plus+ program and its deployment across the Certified Distributor model.
Rafael Gata
Regional Sales Manager
Rafael helps lead market launches for Distributors across the country, serving as a key liaison between NuVinAir® Corporate and the Distributor network. His background is in recruitment, operations, and sales support across multiple industries.
Alex Nelson
Director of Fulfillment
Alex handles fulfillment operations, quality assurance, and solution deployment for NuVinAir®’s growing Distributor network. His background is in operations and customer service activities in various organizations.
Chip Cottingame
National Director of Sales
Chip plans and executes business development strategies for Distributors, and facilitates regular checkpoints to measure Distributor success. His career has spanned more than 20 years of leadership experience for various high-volume auto dealerships across the country.
Josh Williams
Distributor Relations Manager
Josh ensures the successful recruitment of sales staff for Certified Distributors while serving as a key point of contact for both internal partners and external vendors. He possesses broad experience in sales and operations for large auto dealerships in the Dallas area.
Rosana Khounsinavong
Executive Assistant
Rosana leads all executive support operations for the NuVinAir® Corporate team, including scheduling, travel management, and ad hoc project leadership. Her previous experience includes executive support and collaboration within multiple auto dealerships.