Some products claim to remove odor, others claim to kill bacteria, but nothing really does it all. NuVinAir does do it all.
Eric H.
Master Technician
We test drove a Ford Fusion where they had used your product in the car. We were so impressed by the new car smell.
Matt C.
Satisfied Customer
As the general public knows, keeping the used car department happy is sometimes difficult in service. However, we’ve been able to do that with NuVinAir.
Jimmy F.
Service Director
I bought a car with your treatment over the weekend. Now, I’m never considering a used car without it.
Chris T.
Satisfied Customer


NuVinAir's® mission is to eradicate bacteria and airborne pathogens, while removing odor from confined-cabin-spaces in all methods of transportation.

The NuVinAir® Process

Your vehicle is full of bacteria and all of the harmful things you can’t see
Your vehicle is more than fresh, it’s returned to OEM and leaves you with fresh air that makes you say “ Ahhhh “

Bacteria Rating Scale

High risk levels were detected in 9 out of 10 vehicles tested
After NuVinAir® treatment bacteria is reduced to below hospital sanitary standards
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