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NuVinAir® continues to raise the bar in the world of vehicle cleanliness with a revolutionary, patented line of products and defined revenue-generating-platforms specific to the automotive industry. With over 100 years of science-backed research supporting NuVinAir®’s performance and more than four years of product development and deployment, NuVinAir® is steadily becoming the gold certification standard in the automotive industry. NuVinAir®'s revolutionary product line is eco-friendly, containing no harsh cleaning solvents.

Our Products

The Cyclone
The fully patented Cyclone is backed by 100 years of science and used by VIN Locations across the country.
Science created the scent, innovation bottled the emotion.
When the odor-causing problem lingers below the surface, ReNu-The-Surface.

Our Opportunities

NuVinAir® Certified Distributor
Join our family. NuVinAir® Certified Distributors enjoy a low-risk business model and world-class support.
Service Provider
Offer your customers an apology-free, certified-clean experience by adding NuVinAir® to your offerings.

Exclusively Owned. Intelligently Designed.

NuVinAir® has over 100 years of scientific research backing its performance, making NuVinAir® the best airborne cleaning agent and deodorization option for the automotive market. NuVinAir® owns the exclusive, fully patented agitation rights for an eco-friendly compound, which makes NuVinAir® the only option and NEW industry standard. It’s more than science; it’s the future of clean.

Some products claim to remove odor, but nothing really does. NuVinAir does.
Eric H.
Master Technician
We test drove a Ford Fusion where they had used your product in the car. We were so impressed by the new car smell.
Matt C.
Satisfied Customer
As the general public knows, keeping the used car department happy is sometimes difficult in service. However, we’ve been able to do that with NuVinAir.
Jimmy F.
Service Director
I bought a car with your treatment over the weekend. Now, I’m never considering a used car without it.
Chris T.
Satisfied Customer